Roadtrip in Europe Day 1 - Vlog Ep.4

So me and Karin are on a Roadtrip in Europe right now and stupid me decided that I should do a daily vlog… This is episode one and the plan is to publish one day behind all the time to have some time for editing hehe. But we’ll see if I succeed anyway because wow it takes time! Power to the ones who do this! 

Mini Vlogs

while I’m relearning how to do video I’ve tried a new thing I call mini vlogs. Super short vlogs without sound that mostly create a feeling of the day. The goal now is to be able to do them really fast and learn how to edit with presets and such. Here are the two first:

Episode 1 - A Cigar on the Balcony

Episode 2 - After Rain Comes Sunshine

Maybe I should create an intro and outro? So they have something in common.

Portraits & Phones - Episode 3 of the vlog

Yesterday was a very hectic day with so much to do that I didn’t even have the time to eat properly. First I did my hours at the office with way to many meetings. I actually think there should be a limit on how much time one can spend in meetings in one day, don’t you agree?

After work I hurried home for more work, as I had a photo shoot booked just an hour later. Then, when the shoot was finished, I went into town for a small event where Huawei showed of their latest phone, Mate 20 Pro.

For you who wants to know how the shoot went, and my thoughts about the phone I also recorded a vlog so check it out!