Portraits & Phones - Episode 3 of the vlog

Yesterday was a very hectic day with so much to do that I didn’t even have the time to eat properly. First I did my hours at the office with way to many meetings. I actually think there should be a limit on how much time one can spend in meetings in one day, don’t you agree?

After work I hurried home for more work, as I had a photo shoot booked just an hour later. Then, when the shoot was finished, I went into town for a small event where Huawei showed of their latest phone, Mate 20 Pro.

For you who wants to know how the shoot went, and my thoughts about the phone I also recorded a vlog so check it out!

One frame per person

Here are a couple of portraits that I took many years ago, but as most of them didn't fit the portfolio they haven't seen the light of day. The main photo has been in my portfolio for a long time but the thing is that it was actually part of a series of photos so I wanted to publish them all without thinking to much about the portfolio.

The portraits were shot during one day in my home town of Köping, on just one roll of film loaded in my Hasselblad camera. The idea was to take ten portraits in one day and only shooting one frame per person. I ended up taking 9 portraits with 7 out of those actually turning out okej. I would call that a success.