Futagami Frame Bottle Opener

Who can say no to cheese and beer?

I may have a bit of an obsession when it comes to bottle openers and most people would probably say that I own way too many. Actually, they would probably say I'm crazy, but I just like bottle openers. The thing I like is that in its core, the bottle opener is such a simple thing, but it can still be designed in so many different ways and no opener has the same feel as another. So when I find a new opener I like I just can't help myself, I need to buy it!

My latest purchase was this opener that I got a couple of weeks ago while I was visiting Gothenburg. I first saw this opener online in December last year, but have waited until I could have a look at it for real before I bought it. A couple of weeks ago I finally got the chance to do so at the store Artilleriet, and I bought it immediately! Even though it was quite expensive at around 51€ (63$).

The opener is named Frame and it's made by the Japanese manufacturer Futagami. The quality of the opener is amazing and the design really speaks to me. But I do like Japanese design overall as most items have a design that really puts focus on the usability. A bit like the classic Bauhaus school of design.  Do I need to say the the opener also opens bottles like a dream?

As a last note, it's not strange that the quality of this opener is as good as it is, as Futagami is a company that has made brass items since 1897. The Swedish readers may know of Skultuna and Futagami is like the Japanese Skultuna. I recommend everyone to have a look at their site, because they have so many beautiful things.