Who doesn't need a pair of titanium chopsticks?

Those who know me probably know that I’m a big fan of Kickstarter. Almost every night before I go to sleep, I check out all of the new projects that have been launched since last time. More often than not I also find something cool that want to support, and depending on how tired I am I might even back the project without much thought.

This has led me to buy many cool and nice things, but also so many stupid, strange and useless items, like these. I think I'm at 53 backed projects as of writing this post.

What you see in the pictures are a couple of titanium chopsticks and even now as I write it I think that is super cool. They are travel sized and come with a acrylic travel case so you always can have them with you and yes, they are also quite nice to eat with. But the question is, why do I need these?

When would I want to travel with my own pair of chopsticks and at home I want to set the table with matching flatware. The only time I can use them is therefore, when I’m home alone. Maybe not something I really did need, but still, I do like them. They are the perfect example of what happens when I get to tired and start to check Kickstarter.