One of my favorite cigars

The Diplomaticos No.2 is one of my absolute favorite cigars and one of the few I would buy a whole box of. First of all, as a disclaimer, I'm a big fan of cuban cigars overall and I rarely smoke anything else. They may have some quality control issues sometimes but there is something special about them that I like, both flavour wise and "feeling" wise. 

The Diplomaticos No.2 isn't a cheap cigar, but for what you get it gives you amazing value for your money. At least I think so and I pay around 13€ a piece when I buy singles. I would highly recommend anyone to try this cigar as it's well balanced taste should be nice for both experts and beginners alike. 

It is as said a very well balanced cigar. It has a nice body, some earthy notes and just the right amount of spiciness according to me. Also it has a hint of sweet milk chocolate to really round of the taste. I recommend you to try it, but remember that it is quite a big cigar so you need to have the time to sit down for at least 1,5 hours.