Genoa, Italy - Part 1

The other week I went to Genoa, Italy, to do a bunch of different stuff. I went there to stream a very geeky event where over a 100 people from all over the world got together to play a collectible card game from 1993. That was however not the only thing I did there, I also tried to film a short documentary (probably failed though) and of course this vlog.

This is part 1 of two and in this part you get to follow me on the trip there, and see the beautiful city.

I'm back!

Pilot Custom 74 with Robert Oster Fire & Ice.

So I started this blog because I have so much I want to write about, but as you can see I haven’t updated it in a while. The reason isn’t actually because I haven’t written anything, because I have actually written quite a lot! That may sound strange but let me explain. I write with pen and paper and the problem has been how to quickly transfer the text into digital form. Also we have had the hottest summer in 260 years in Sweden, so I really haven’t felt super excited to sit down with a computer in the sun. 

But that ends now as I’ve found an okay way to transfer the texts and I still want to share my thought about so many things, especially my growing pen interest. There will however probably won’t be as many updates as I started out doing as I still mostly do this for myself and some things feel “done” when I have written them down in analog form.

The plan now is to write one post per week at least, but maybe more. It all will be decided on how fast I can transfer the analog posts into digital form.


A couple of pictures of me, some many years and some very recent.

A blog you say?

If you can read this you can obviously see that I have decided to start to blog. So what more can I say than welcome! 

...and maybe something about why and what I'll write about.

The thing that got me thinking about this was my Instagram account, it just didn't feel enough for all the things I want to share. Sometimes I just felt I wanted to write more and share my thoughts about things instead of just posting a picture and a short sentence. 

For over 10 years it has been my job to write articles, blog posts and more, so it actually feels a bit strange that I haven't had an outlet for my own thoughts. And I do have a LOT of thoughts. Now that will be rectified and the plan is to write about all of the things that I love and also try to share my best tips and trix in those areas. 

Here I will write about whisky, beer, tea, coffee and other drinks. I will write about cigars, pens, style, food, interior design, photography and much more. I would classify them all as "the good things in life" or "what makes life worth living".

This may seem like a lot of different things to blog about and yes, this may not be the most focused blog in the universe. But hey, that's just who I am! There is just too many wonderful things in life that I love and want to write about. Maybe I'll even write about some fun boardgames or some music I like, we'll see! 

But I will at least try to focus on design, style and the good things in life.

Also, as I live in Stockholm, Sweden some posts may be a bit local oriented, but just a couple.

Again, welcome!